Services  – All in House Unless Stated

IT / ICT Support

IT Support and maintenance for your business. We use the latest remote access tools to provide support direct to our clients computers. Our tools also allow support of various mobile devices. we Also provide telephone, email and on-site support this enables a speedy resolution to IT / ICT issues.  We can Supply and setup installation of new IT / ICT hardware. Whether its one laptop or an thousand desktops and servers we can provide support.

We can also provide Various IT / ICT related solutions from private cloud, Office 365 and complex disaster recovery. You can completely outsource your IT /ICT requirements to us or we can act to complement your existing IT / ICT staff

Web Design

we can build websites to meet your company’s personal requirements, our smallest most cost effective package is a professional website with a CMS with prices start from as little as £495 for a complete five page website, to get a specific price please get in touch for a consultation, we can build any type of website you can find, and provide hosting for e-commerce and invoicing systems with daily backups

Graphic Design

We have an in house Graphic Designer and  several graphic designers based in Scotland and one in England that we have cultivated a relationship with so we can take bulk graphic design work and fulfill a large variety of graphic designer work, including Brand Identity and Specialty marketing projects, from customized Laser engraved artwork and unique brochures and corporate magazines


we have experience arranging photo shoots, to showcase customer products, enhance e-commerce websites or simply having a fantastic display for your website we can do most kinds of photography, so long as sufficient notice is arranged, and the client is happy with the proposal and budget


we have numerous kinds of CAD services available, from clothing pattern design, product development, 3d map’s, architectural concept drawings, cad schematic and animation capabilities, we tend work in mm but can work in inch’s or cm’s and are familiar with Autodesk packages so if your project needs prepped for other standards that is a simple matter, we can also use our 3d printer and drawings to make mini/micro models and concept samples if required

Brand Identity

as a company ourselves, we know Brand Identity is One of the most difficult, but most important, aspects of your business, simple elements or stylings and a unique logo will be the foundation of your company’s brand. We offer all the services needed to define your brand and help attract customers. We work with you to determine your brand look, mission statement, products and services, as well as the target audiences to which they will appeal to Most.

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Product Development

we have design experience in developing desirable products or taking pre existing designs and making improvements, whether it is clothing and jewelry, book/ ebook designs we can do fantasy photography / art for music album covers or posters, we have limited manufacturing capabilities but we do have many production contacts and can get quotes & estimates when required, please note be only get such quotes & estimates if your a paying client

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Crowd Funding

are you wanting to start a crowd funding site for your project, or need help finishing an aspect of your project before taking it to crowd funding level, we have experience in developing everything you can need to start your own crowd funding site, or making materials and marketing support materials such as video trailers

3d Printing

we can create from your 3d stl designs perfect 3d printed replicas, or we can take your sketches into a finished designed product and from there 3d print various prototypes, we only provide 3d printing in plastic in pla or abs, but we can take it from there into casting process or send it to reputable manufactures


our in house manufacturing is currently very limited but we have experience in fashion design, seam-stressing, jewelry fabrication, both by hand and by 3d to print castings in fair trade silver and gold, some complex carpentry, and Business cards, vinyl stickers, Signet rings, Wax Seal Stamps, Rubber ink stamps, embossing machines, brochure and book manufacturing


we can provide onsite training, and have a selection of training videos for a variety of applications and website common functions, and can create a custom lesson plan to train clients staff in the use of invoice systems HR Server software and many more

Anything Else ?

we have experience arranging promotional events, marketing for a variety of different fields, we have experience in both the music industry, fashion and environmental issues and much more, if you think there is something we can help you with but unsure if we have experience get in touch we may be able to help

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