Our Manifesto. will hopefully express all the companies goals

Technomage Industries  Improving the World Thru Technology 

We believe that everyone’s life both business and personal can be improved thru Technology our services and Profits go towards this goal, it is our mandate to provide the best of services to help companies and individuals in there goals, our support materials and resources that we sell, profits go towards Open Learning and other Projects for the global community.

We pride ourselves on getting our clients up to date in all aspects of there business from webdesign, Marketing internal computer support and security

Open Source

While we strongly recommend non open source packages such as Adobe Creative suite and Autodesk packages, which are industry standard for many fields  we also strongly recommend many open source alternatives whenever there is an acceptable option,  as such we often recommend all companies to learn Linux and some open source alternatives
not only because these open source alternatives can may save some money in the long-term but a consistent investment in open source can be a a excellent safety net against a variety of issues that may arise from dealing with clients and companies that use open source platforms as well as the advantage of having redundancy in the event of technical failure



  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Product Development


  • CAD
  • SEO
  • ICT / IT Support
  • Photography



Are you Interested in helping develop a free and open education then have a look at our work with enso one

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