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Developing a Brand Identity is very important, and is a complex process, Brand Identity consists of


  • The Logo, Basic Graphical Elements
  • Overview
  • Print and Merchandise


When coming to the logo, areas of consideration are logo variations, size usage guidelines, exclusion zones, loco colour versions, using the right logo when and where, Rules of use, location alignment and other position pre-requisites

but however before even this basic aspect of a company’s brand identity being developed it is important to first develop a overview, the company’s identity, vision and values and visual identity, glossary of any terms unique to the business in question

when developing the logo and other elements it is required to cover the overview of brand architecture and  and creating logos with descriptors for the client to overview, partner organisations and brand colours, typography, artifacts and even writing style
as for print and merchandise,  crests and sigels, or artifact logo, any unique symbolism, have to be considered for badges, signet rings and stickers, stationary, merchandise such as clothing, as well as advertising and literature examples


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